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  1. Pratt May 12th, 2012 at 9:18 am

    We need to be extremely careful with our dealings with brother Hon. Mudavadi at least for now. May be, just  a may be, he is a trojan horse for the merchants of deceit. May be he is still playing “in house football!” Having followed his pronouncements in those few days and those of merchants of deceit, am deeply getting suspicious. Perhaps, after merchant of deceit realized that he was heading to now where, the opted to discreetly unleash brother Mudavadi on us. Thats to simply avoid personal humiliation on his part and at the same time, use Mudavadi as a spy in G7. They would then eventually merge at 11th hour once its clear the deceit merchant has no numbers. By then Mudavadi would have found himself acceptable by many believing that he had truly deserted his Odm boss. The malicious liar would also be in position to tell his luo Nyanza folks that there was no otherwise since the “thieves” had become too much! We therefore need to go slow on bro. Mudavadi untill we are certain he is genuine to the core. 


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