Valentine’s Day getaway idea with your loved one!


If nothing else, I reckon a good Valentine’s Day/Weekend should be relaxing.

Romantic? Yes.

Exciting? Absolutely.

Indulgent? Why not.

But really, at the heart of it all, I think we all want a second to breathe, to give ourselves a deserved break and ultimately live in the moment.

Unless, of course, you’re into thrill-seeking, adventure-heavy activities on this particular day of the year in which case, go forth and seek your thrill my friend.


My fiancé and I packed an overnight bag and drove to Hemingways early Saturday morning for a pre-Valentine’s Weekend getaway. The boutique hotel – located in the leafy surburbs of Karen – comes in the most unexpected yet refreshing mint hue and overlooks a hilly landscape carpeted in a variety of indigenous trees. On a good, sunny day, you might even get to see Ngong Hills off the horizon.

Dreamy? You bet.


After settling into our room, we went over to the terrace for some lunch, courtesy of Chef Archer whose work is inspired by the things, people and places around him. I had the grilled pair of pork chops with pearl barley, broccoli and apple sauce; a tender, mouth-watering experience with just the right amount of crunch and softness to it.

It’s not often you get to experience a boutique setting which feels so far removed from the congested city bustle and yet happens to be only 20 kilometers from it all. We enjoyed our cold drinks and the view of the hilly landscape as we indulged in great conversation with new friends.


Our spa treatment followed and lasted three, long and beautiful hours. We had the Zanzi Body Buff Ritual which starts off with an aromatic coconut and cinnamon scrub followed by the Hemingways Signature Body Massage and finally a pedicure.

If ever there was a moment that embodied the word ‘relax’, it was this.



As the sun set over the hilly horizon and left a beautiful soft gradient hue, we got ready for dinner, specially created for Valentine’s weekend! For my starter, I had the Seafood and Garden Pea Risotto and went for the Herb roasted Noisettes of Baby Lamb as my main meal and a rich Golden Obsession Chocolate Gateaxu for desert.

The romantic set up was by the fountain with soft, ambient lighting and petals scattered across our table to set the mood.

After dinner we went up to the bar to meet Keith Mutuse, a fine mixologist and one of the Kenyan finalists for the Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year Global Final Competition. Needless to say the cocktails we had were served with class, imagination and an interesting story behind each one. Believe it or not, he even had a home-made, edible perfume to add an interesting aroma and twist to his drinks!


And what better way to end the most relaxing day than to soak up in a tub in an Instagram-worthy, marble finish bathroom?

So if you happen to be looking for an intimate weekend filled with incredible food, relaxing spa treatments, interesting cocktails from a top mixologist at a city boutique hotel, you just might be in luck!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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