Tricks and Tips To Help You Drink More Water


It is sad that we live in a time and space where people care more about driving cars with full tanks of fuel than walking around with bodies that have full tanks of water (read, drink the daily required amount of water). Quite a pitiful situation isn’t it?

This is the interesting thing you need to understand about Water. When you drink water your digestive system benefits, your respiratory system benefits, your renal system benefits, your Cardiovascular system benefits, your muscular system benefits, your immune system benefits and so is the case with all the other systems in your body that accommodate all those organs that make you who you physically are. Every single system of your body benefits when you drink water and that to me means that water is indeed health!

For majority of people, drinking water remains a task so daunting that they wouldn’t even bother indulging in it. This group of people find it a little difficult to keep up with the 8 glasses of water required by our bodies daily. I would know, I used to be the Chairlady of this group. But since learning the benefits of drinking enough water I don’t joke around with this water drinking business.
Getting yourself to enjoy drinking water is not the easiest thing but there are several tricks that can help you start enjoying this activity that if taken up will change your whole life for the better. Here are some of my top tricks that will help you drink enough water.

*Invest in a stylish water bottle that you take with you absolutely everywhere!

*Announce to yourself out loud “I am THIRSTY” even when you’re not and make sure to take a huge gulp of water after your announcement.

*Buy water. The fact that you have spent money on that bottle of water will make you drink it because who likes to waste money? Who?

*Try sparkling water. Not many people like the taste of sparkling water and that gives you all the reason to make it your thing and be unique. Besides, sparkling water comes in very chic packaging.

*Drink warm water from your favorite coffee mug and squeeze in half a lemon then sip it slowly and make sure to refill your cup at least twice.

*Squeeze in half a lemon in ice-cold water and pretend it’s sugarfree lemonade.


* Make your water pretty by infusing it with fruits and herbs. Even your mouth won’t know what to do with itself.

*Invest in a large pitcher and ensure that there’s always fresh water and two water glasses on the table.

*Invest in fancy water glasses and make good use of them.

*Always have some water in front of you whether at work, at home, at dinner, at a restaurant…

*Set daily water drinking targets like:

-Must have clear pee by midday!
-Must Drink 2 litres of water by 1pm

*Drink plenty of caffeine-free tea without sugar like the Dr. Stuart’s range of teas which are so delicious even without adding any sugar.

*Make drinking water and hitting your targets something you really look forward to every day.

*Play a game
– For every glass of wine/cup of coffee you drink, you must drink 2 glasses of water .
– For every starchy thing you eat, especially white starches, or for every sugary foods you drink or eat, you drink 2-3 glasses of water .
– Replace tequila-based games with water on game nights. Drink a full glass of water for every challenge you lose instead of Tequila.
-Download Apps that help you remember to drink water and also help keep track of the amount of water you drink in a day.

*Get all ratchet and chug water straight from a massive bottle or an uncommon, large vessel every once in a while.

*At a restaurant, always be sure to ask for water first when the waiter asks to take your drinks order or when you visit someone, ask for water first before anything else and take a massive sip within the first minute of being served.


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