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  1. Grace Mwangi May 9th, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    tribal oufit only out to push their tribal chieftain and block Raila ,if not tribal then want to protect ill gotten wealth no Agenda,forsight and Kenya at hurt

    1. Pratt May 10th, 2012 at 11:34 am

      Thats rich Madam “Grace Mwangi!” Am sure if you were asked about theft of both Kazi kwa Vijana and NHIF funds, you would most certainly accuse those you politically hate for the crimes. Assuming that you are right on others, would you be kind enough to tell us about Raila’s agenda? 5 years are lapsing since he became a do-nothing pm, but certainly, with all hyped agendas, there is nothing to show other than empty songs simply sang to put down others! If this village idol had any agenda at all, Kenyans wont even be looking for a presidential candidate for he would have been automatic successor to president Kibaki. He would by now have shown by words and deeds that he is capable of transforming empty seemingly “insulting songs of reform” to real benefit for all Kenyans. But what has he done after wallowing neck-deep in the blood of innocent Kenyans to become a do-nothing nothing? I will tell you, we are being bombarded with the same same old tired songs that never ever translate in to anything! Is reform really supposed to be that stagnant? Is word reform only meant to silence others for no apparent reason? Is singing reform and claiming ownership of reform agenda for so many years enough? Are Kenyans supposed to face reality or just empty songs that never turn out to be anything? Surely, Raila has no reform agenda at all. And if we were honestly to give him benefit of doubt by assuming that he had any, it would mean that he is too slow, if not too ineffective to fit the bill!!!    


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