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  1. Mwangijurist May 7th, 2012 at 5:35 pm

    Mahakama Ya Fisi mbuzi Hana Haki……..

  2. perepepe May 7th, 2012 at 5:53 pm

    RAO is a beneficiary of the NHIF money and now he is throwing a smokescreen by countermanding Nyongo’. Kwendo Opanga was right that Raila has been Kenya’s political Houdini all along by faking this and faking that, instigating violence in 2007 then finger pointing Uhuru and Ruto while posting 120% turnout in about all constituencies in Luo Nyanza then claiming he was rigged out. This guy is not only the mastermind of the Coup de ta in 1982 but has forever trumpeted the period spent in detention for the coup attempt as one spent as a member of the second liberation. He was busy cooperating with Moi through NDP and LDP as KANU Sec. Gen and Minister for Energy – where he made his fortune by buying Kisumu Molasses for 3m and selling to Canadians for 4billion – while Matiba and Rubia were at the trenches and detention suffering strokes and torture…houdini now claims to be a reformist and only capable of leading Kenya. His educational credentials are in doubt as Miguna is about to prove in his book and no one has ever come forward to claim having been lectured at Uon by this former “lecturer” of the Engineering department. He has been a houdini all through out. Raila is simply a massive unmitigated fraud!

    1. Gambia May 7th, 2012 at 6:02 pm

      Br brave and share your real name so that you can support your arguments in a court of law instead of mouthing off behing psuedonyms.

  3. Peter May 8th, 2012 at 8:47 am

    But this is exactly what PS Kimemia had done, whats new in what RAO has done and why is the incoherent Prof. not Overulling the PM now that he has done what is the preserve of the Minister? Prof. Nyong’o did you hear the saying that Pride comes before a fall? You have ben behaving arrogantly and proudly but now you have just turned around and begun writing your own failure script. Pole sana

    1. Pratt May 8th, 2012 at 11:38 am

      Without empty duplication how would they praise Raila? Tribal press has done alot of disservice to Kenyans. Every illogical thing done by Raila is hugely highlighted but better things done by others for good
      of all are grossly ignored. This situation has even put our country at risk. The Migigo “crisis” was created by Raila and tribal media. In Turkana, we are facing the situation after Raila ridiculed our military and arose the interest of Ethiopians. A small cross border cattle rustling was ballooned in to international issue, that supposedly required military intervention! And dont ever forget the al-shabaab threat has something to do with Raila. He went at the border and ordered somali refugees to be unconditionally allowed in to our country. His Otieno whatever, the immigration minister, had even accused Office of the President “of treating huminitarian situation as security threat!” Within no time kidnappings started in earnst. And guess who was the loudest to condemn his own art? It was of course, Raila himself! Mombasa Republic Council was also penned because of the “wisdom” of this illogic!  Again, who is now most vocal in rejecting their aspirations? When that Ship carrying Kenyans military Tanks was hijacked by Somali pirates, Kenya was certainly put on trial by its own media. Nobody cared whatever the case, the nation was going to benefit. Informing the public cant override collective national interests. Thus, limits have to be there come what may. Kenyan media therefore, either driven by toxic tribal loyalty or merely failing to get the big picture, has largely and truly failed Kenyans. How come whenever Raila opens his mouth or goes to some place, unexpected problems crop up for the country? Who makes sure Kenyans are not informed about Raila’s escapades that threatens our very own existence? Are Kenyans supposed to be served with selected cups of information, especially concerning Raila and who chooses those cups?     

      1. Tiptip May 8th, 2012 at 3:55 pm

        Stop these night mares and for once accept where points have been delivered.RAO’s presence is obviously threatening the existence of the criminal fellow whose agenda you are pushing on this page.You never comment on any other issues including ones that directly affect you like economy of this country.You are such an IDLER.

        1. Pratt May 8th, 2012 at 5:12 pm

          I work very hard fellow. I certainly dont wait for my village idol to deliver goodies for me. I certainly to blame others for my failure. I dont call others names for simply planting falsehoods and expected to reap rice. I do whats good for my country and fellow patriots. Having said that, Raila is NOT a threat to anyone but himself! In any case, how would a shallow water in pod threaten anyone? Insults are yours pal, you know what they mean to you. I certainly dont. But all the same, you are in your element. Merchants of deceit cant stand on truth and truth alone. You only need to check what they have said after being left alone by each and everybody who detected their unending malice. VP Kalonzo was called watermelon and undecisive as though jettisoning them wasnt decisive enough!, Brother Ruto was called a thief as if merchants of deceit have being doing anything else apart from thieving! Brother Balala was even called worse things and thats why this divorce item
          was introduced and now Brother Mudavadi is being subjected to the same things. Do you have monology of insults or you are simply born illogical? I dont get it! Is there no tomorrow for you guys? Where will you go with your politics of hatred?  

  4. Pratt May 8th, 2012 at 9:33 am

    What whip crancking? Protecting his fellow corrupt party secretary general cant be termed as such. And not only that, they both met civil service head who told them to follow his instructions. It was at this point, Raila begged to be afforded opportunity to save face. But here we are, being confronted with supposedly “Raila’s good deeds!” We need to put matters in proper perspective, without attempting to promote empties. If the do-nothing pm had any ineterest in protecting NHIF funds, he would have taken the initiative long time ago. However, since deliberate attempts to create fake feats  for Raila having been on the cards for long long time now, we have to be subjected to comical theatrics that dont wash at all. I hold the view that Raila is behind the theft for I dont see how Nyong’o would have gone in to it without his knowledge. And dont ever forget merchants of deceit are specialists for drawing these kind of conclusions. Am only taking their cue for once! Its therefore a case of us expecting the thief to catch himself! The thievery is so clear-cut and blatant that there cant be any excuses at all. Furthermore, why would private clinics get more money than even Kenyatta hospital itself? And corrupt Nyong’o loaded with insults, opted to purport to suspend the very person asking that all important question! 

  5. Karisasi May 8th, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Well done PM!!.
    This is one well example why Railaphobes the like of Perepepe and Pratt continue giving comments about you full of deception.
    Tuko na wewe Mheshimiwa!!!.

    1. Pratt May 8th, 2012 at 3:05 pm

      Am sure those guys building the collapsed house in westlands cant sincerely tell the owner “tuko newe!” Only mental patients can do that. However pal, stop wearing brave face for nothing. If I post anything that you believe is not correct, tell us how and why. Dont just eat that vomit we call toxic tribal loyalty and pretend to have said a thing. We do our home work properly before we pen anything my friend. By the way, do you know why we are not being told who are the owners of these clinics? Both Meridian and clinix are owned by people connected somehow to Odm! Thats why Prof. Muga was being viewed as a traitor by this Nyong’o fellow. When the thieves in Odm, who call other innocent people as much are caught, they attempt to create a crisis which is not there at all. There is no way a major hospital would be given few coins by a parastatal and then huge amounts are given out to none existent outfits. However, the corrupt empities are very good at feigning innocence. Thus, fellows like you hardly notice anything unusual. Its another replay of Kazi Kwa Vijana funds! First, we were told the funds were used to fuel government vehicles. But when it turned out that government didnt even have so many vehicles that could take so much money, another story was quickly created. Tribalists in the media refused or ignored interrogating the issue. Purported “error and eventually “none issue” supported by fake documents were allowed to carry the day. Of course, someone was hell-bent on protecting “our then promising lioness!!” To me thats utter insanity. If some one is wrong he should  take responsibility regardless of his “borrowed” status in life!   

      1. Karisasi May 9th, 2012 at 2:42 pm

        Spelling mistake,there is nothing in Kiswahili like ”tuko newe”.
        Secondly,out of all who post comments you have portrayed yourself as a triblaist through supporting KKK Allianace.You supported preaches of tribalism and songs of regionalism.
        You are that kind of person who everyday blames his neighbour of not being good in laundry yet you are looking through a dirty window.
        Ama kweli, ”NYANI HAONI MKUNDU WAKE”.
        The true thieves are out in daylight defending and sympathizing the accused of murder and rape of women of your mother’s age,land grabbing even during HEIGHT OF POST ELECTION CHAOS and allowing tribal appointments.

        1. Pratt May 9th, 2012 at 5:02 pm

          Its amazing every time your lot steals, you still try to blame others. There was no such a thing as KKK. It was just another of the many creations by merchants of deceit. However, am constrained to ask you: who is a tribalist as far as you are concerned? You want to mean standing with decent people of Kenya is tribalism? I thought tribalists would front the likes of justice omollo simply because they have “O” in their names, even when they are not fit to be judges! I thought tribalists would always unleash insults and  even violence on us when we merely disagree with them? I thought tribalists are those who create fake feats for themselves and feed them on their kinsmen! I thought tribalists would use their tribesmen to cook up opinion polls, specially conducted in their Kibera enclave and quickly shout on the rooftops that people have decided? I thought tribalists get bitter when their malicious lying kinsmen are exposed? I thought tribalists resort to insults instead of factly correcting the purported wrong impression! I thought tribalists lie to their folks that once brothers from other communities are fixed by their rampant lies, they would walk straight to state house? I thought tribalists call themselves “government” just because their do-nothing fellow is kept in it for pacification? I have no idea that we have murderers in our midst. What I do know however is that a do-nothing nothing wallowed neck-deep in the blood of innocent Kenyans obviously using tribalism! And used lies, toxic propaganda and a “pinup gal” to fix his opponents. Nevertheless, fixation with evil lies has turned in to worst nightmare ever. As Swahili’s say MALIPO NI HAPA HAPA DUNIANI! The Holy Bible too tells us that wages of sin is death and what are lies pal? That makes you hate so many who dont support your illogical village idol is poisonous tribalism pal! Tribalism boils and thats why you find it so easy to insult people.

  6. Not Surprised! May 8th, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    Difference is that the same guys from the ministry have been sent to clean up the mess before their pals from EMU come to give them a clean bill of health. As prof said, it’s about not seeing or hearing any evil on the ODM ministry, so send friendly chaps to look at it and come out with a clean bill of health. Part of the cover-up.

  7. Mutua W May 9th, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    Cracking whip?? my foot. The PM’s office cannot resolve this issue in fair manner.  Let cabinet secretary Kimemia be the one to handle the matter.  The PM cannot be expected to discipline his Secretary General.


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