Cut down on portion size by ordering from this part of the menu

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(By Shenrina Badri) Lose weight by cutting down on your portion size when eating out …

Try ordering your main course from the starter section of the menu. You may be surprised to find that the quantity of food is sufficient to keep you satisfied. Take a look at the restaurant menu thoroughly before ordering your beverages in order to check if the starter menu suits your taste-buds, as often enough most restaurants may offer a small selection on their starter menu.

If you find that you are still hungry, you could perhaps order a salad on the side. Be wary of the ingredients added to the salad though as some cheeses for example, may be higher in calories than others. You could also try to use just a little of the dressing instead of the whole portion to further cut down on calories.

These ideas may help prevent you from overindulging or overeating when dining out and thus increasing your calorie intake. Remember that if you are having a dessert as well, your calorie count will increase even further so try to cut down on your main course (specifically portion size) and save some space for dessert.

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