How you can help the endangered Grevy’s Zebra this weekend!

grevys zebra

Let’s preserve our heritage.

In the late 1970’s there were 15,000 Grevy’s zebra. Today less than 2,500 remain in the wild.

The Great Grevy’s Rally is a census of the population, and a unique opportunity for citizen scientists and photographers to contribute to the preservation of an endangered species.  For the first time, a national census of the endangered Grevy’s Zebra will be held in Kenya on 30th-31st of January, 2016.


The success of The Great Grevy’s Rally will depend greatly on the public’s participation. So if you’re someone who’s always wanted to help – this is your chance!

If you know how to operate a digital camera and can spot different animals – you’re perfect for the job!

Join Capital FM in conserving our wildlife and environment.

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