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  1. Malingumu May 2nd, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    There are three major issues ailing this nation and need to be fixed urgently.

    Policy guidelines and Management of NHIF

    All of us agree on the need to have Universal health care. What is currently proposed and being advanced to the public is raw deal and founded on the agenda of long haul corruption.If NSSF contribution has over the years remained maginally less than NHIF contribution (KSh 220) and has managed to withstand mega theft over the years, what has NHIF done with Ksh 320 equally contributed by the same number of workers.They have now  publicly paraded fake institution to siphon more public funds as the Anti corruption watches silently.

    Keep Corruption out of NSSF

    Citizen of this country have been treated to political collusion of NSSF fund theft every election cycle.The individuals  stealing from this institution have been aligning themselves to government of the day in order to continue perpetuating  theft in the name of political support.leaders and Anti corruption body have again silently watched.

    TAX Levied on the Worker.

    Tax levy and collection need to harmonized across the board.The formula being used to levy tax is outdated and overtaken by the current scale of re-numeration .Where as some class of leadership can negotiate tax levied on their income like Judges( refer previous negotiation by Willy Mutunga) and MPs the poor man has no option but being sucked to the last drop.Tax workers salary at 30% and again what the poor man takes home at the point of supermarket 16% .That is more than  46% in tax.Calculate this against what you save or personal use.This is a catalyst for societal vices.


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