Bar offers free non-alcoholic drinks to Designated Drivers


kids tasting alcohol

Many of us are dropping alcohol this January and are opting to be our friends’ designated drivers. Perhaps it’s for economic reasons after an indulgent holiday season, or maybe you’re on a detox, or you simply want to be sober this month – whatever the reason may be, a Toronto restaurant is taking extra steps to ensure that even the sober will have their share of fun.

“We shouldn’t have to profit off of your decision to be responsible. Thank you for being safe,” Nightowl, a Toronto bar posted on Facebook.designated drivers

The Toronto bar announced on Saturday that they will begin offering non-alcoholic drinks to designated drivers for free permanently.

“People are under the impression that they need to drink to have fun. And for the people who are already making sacrifices by driving their friends around, we want them to come out and still feel like they can have a good time,” Braden Rubinoff, owner of Nightowl, shared with Notable.

In addition to soft drinks and juices, the “Drink Menu for Heroes” offers non-alcoholic beverages such as Shirley Temple, Safe Sex on the Beach, and even an Asian-inspired caesar with sri-racha and soy sauce.

The initiative is a welcomed idea and probably will inspire other bars to follow suit – perhaps even in Nairobi?



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