‘Masturbation Booth’ brings relief to overworked NYC men

PHOTO: Hotoctopuss
PHOTO: Hotoctopuss

With a staggering 80 per cent of Americans saying they suffer from workplace stress, award-winning sex toy brand Hot Octopuss has launched the world’s first ‘GuyFi’ male stress relief booth promoting masturbation in New York City.

In a shameless marketing ploy, the “GuyFi Booth” – is actually just a phone booth with a laptop separated from public view by a curtain. The maker of the world’s first ‘Guybrator’, has been working hard to reduce the stigma around male sex toys as well as advocating the health benefits of masturbation. The company now invites office workers in desperate need of some downtime to visit the GuyFi booth, located at 28th and 5th avenue, and find out for themselves how a little break can make a big difference to their well-being and productivity.

It’s Healthy

According to Time Out, a remarkable 39% of New Yorkers ‘masturbate’ in the workplace to alleviate stress. Hot Octopuss has created the GuyFi booth to take this habit out of the office and into a more suitable environment designed to give the busy Manhattan man the privacy, and the high-speed Internet connection, he deserves.

Scientists say that male masturbation reduces depression and stress, as well as increasing self-esteem– all undeniably beneficial for staying healthy in today’s fast paced and stressful work environment. A break for as little as 15 minutes can seriously enhance productivity in the work place

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