Is this the perfect cardigan?


the perfect cardigan

Featured on Kickstarter, San Francisco-based fashion designer Aline Dazogbo has created The Perfect Cardigan.

The wardrobe classic cardigan is wearable in multiple ways. Inspired by the ever-changing climate in San Francisco, Dazogbo use to wear many layers to keep warm and fashionable.

“My everyday outfits left me with the feeling that I was compromising style to stay warm…It was not fun to bundle myself up as if I was back in Montreal during fall…Annoying as well to carry a big coat around and overall too much effort into looking great just to cover it all as soon as I walked out the door! I remembered putting in a lot of effort into my “Californian” new way of dressing. Up? Down? Too warm? Too light? I needed to find a balance,” Dazogbo explains.

The first prototype came into life in 2012. Since then, 10 prototypes of The Perfect Cardigan, in different fabrics, length, and functionality options, have been launched.

the perfect cardigan 2

Wearing The Perfect Cardigan

According to Dazogbo, it’s not just a cardigan. The Perfect Cardigan falls beautifully almost like if a crop top met a draped dress, pull it over your head or…Completely flip it upside down and create a pick a boo back, (remember you want to show our outfit!). Not only is this convertible piece extremely versatile, but the cardigan will keep you warm when the wind suddenly picks up and is also going to compliment any look.

The materials are sourced from four fabrics suppliers based in San Francisco and the cardigans are produced also in the area with custom pieces produced in house. The expected shipout date is as early as April 2016. America backers will receive free shipping. International backers will be contacted in regards to VAT and shipping details.





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