Afro Hair: Guide to achieving the perfect Wash-and-Go Look


afro hair


By Anne Mungai


Afro Hair is often a challenge in care and styling. Most women who prefer to go natural favour the Wash-and-Go hairstyle. The look requires minimum maintenance, is convenient and importantly, no need for heat.

So how do you go about achieving the perfect Wash-and-Go?

How To Style

Divide your Afro Hair into sections. You can have two to six sections depending on the thickness of your mane. Secure each section in a braid, twist or with a section pin. Sectioning your hair will ease the washing and product application process. It will aid in counteracting tangling, you use less product and you are able to cleanse your scalp well enough.

Drench the sections in water and carefully apply your favorite conditioner or mild shampoo, one section at a time. Do not scrub your hair but rather apply the product down your hair shaft.  Finger-detangle each section and use a wide toothed combed only when necessary. You need to be patient during the detangling process. Finish each section and hold with the section pin, twist or the three-strand braid.

Carefully, undo each section and rinse thoroughly. Do not scrub your hair in circular motion, as it will cause tangling and undo your natural curl pattern. It is advisable to dry your hair by wrapping with a clean t-shirt and not a towel. A t-shirt has a smooth texture making it less harmful to your hair cuticles.

While hair is damp, carefully apply your favorite oil followed by a curl definition product to each section and leave out the section. Popular choices for most naturals are curl enhancing butters, smoothies, or gels.

Let your hair air-dry. Avoid touching or messing the hair before it dries as this will cause frizz and destroy your curl pattern. Finish off with your favorite hair spray on your dry defined hair.


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