6 Easy steps to get rid of the holiday bloat


Christmas holidays are a time of family, friends, giving, fun and EATING!

Even the most disciplined among us come away from the break feeling slightly more bloated than we’d like, and some get on the scale to find they have gained a few extra kilos to carry around with them.

The good news?

Most of this extra bloat or weight is just extra water that your body is holding on to.

Here are six great ways to shed the excess and get on track to becoming your healthiest you in 2016.


1. Start the day the right way

One of the best things you can do to get rid of some weight is drink a huge glass of water – with lemon if possible – first thing in the morning.

You can make this easy for yourself by making a big jug of it and keeping it in the fridge ready to go. The water gets your body going for the day and begins the process of cleaning out the debris in your system from the night’s sleep.lemons

2. When life gives you lemons …

Another reason that drinking lemon water in the morning is so good, is that the lemon in the water alkalises your system. Our bodies want to be alkaline, but unfortunately our diets are largely acidic.

As long as your body is in an acidic state weight loss will be very slow and difficult. Lemon water is one of the best ways to counteract the acidic nature of your food.

Vegetables and fruits.

3. Eat mostly PLANTS

The human body is designed to exist mainly on a diet of plant foods. Vegetables, fruits, and some seeds and nuts should make up at least 90% of your diet. Whether your goal is weight loss, de-bloating, or just general good health, this is a MUST.

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4. Get rid of TOXINS

Our bodies are constantly being bombarded by environmental toxins – dirty air, car emissions, chemicals, cigarette smoke and the like.

As if this wasn’t enough we feed ourselves ‘food’ that is full of chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics too. On top of all this we take medications that may help by taking care of certain symptoms, but may poison your body in other ways at the same time.

Your body responds to anything it perceives as toxic by protecting you from it by putting it into a fat cell. Bigger fat cells equal fatter body.

Bottom line: get rid of as many toxins as you can.

Directly Above Shot Of Coffee On Wooden Table

5. Avoid the STIMULANT seesaw

Many people in modern society exist on a constant cycle of uppers and downers. Coffee in the morning for a kick. A doughnut at tea time for an energy boost. A couple of drinks in the evening to wind down. We are self-medicating in order to get through various parts of our day instead of creating healthy habits to deal with the same issues.

Stimulants are wreaking havoc on your hormonal

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The absolute BEST way to get rid of some excess water weight is to do a 24 hour fast. What does that mean? Simple. Skip two meals.

For example, eat breakfast today and then don’t eat until breakfast tomorrow. YOU WILL NOT DIE!

You can go 14 days without food, 24 hours is easy. You can drink water, lemon water, and tea/coffee (no milk, no sugar obviously).

Keep yourself busy and you won’t even notice you’re missing meals. Plus you’ll get a lot done. I have managed to shed 3kg of water weight on a 24-hour fast.

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