5 Tips on How to Find The Best Hotel Deals


We all love beautiful hotels. Luxurious, with beautiful views and… cheap. It is not always easy to find the best value for the best price, but travel experts from Jovago.com – Africa’s leading hotel booking website – are advising on how to find the best possible deals and save some money on your dream hotel stay.

1. Subscribe to newsletters

Newsletters are usually the best ways of find great deals as they are used by travel companies to distribute breaking news to their customers. Subscribing to a mailing list is a fantastic way not to miss anything worth your attention – great deals, promotional codes or travel tips.

2. Travel with a +1

Traveling with somebody can be much cheaper than traveling alone. Normally, hotel rates for a twin or double room are just little more expensive than single rooms. That means if you divide it by two, a price per person will be lower.

3. Use hotel booking websites

Using hotel booking websites saves you a lot of effort. Websites like Jovago, enable you to choose a hotel standard you are looking for, define a maximum price you can pay and sort all deals by their relevance. All that guarantees you finding a hotel that fits your expectations. And if you experience any problems, a team of experienced travel advisers is always there to support you and assist with your hotel booking.

4. Follow travel brands on social media

Social media channels like Facebook or Twitter, are one of the main channels of communication between travel brands and its customers. Following them keeps you close to the best deals and travel tips.

5. Be flexible with dates

Being flexible with your travel dates means bigger choice in hotel prices. Weekends are known to be more expensive than week days, and so are popular holidays. But if you decide to travel off season, when a demand is lower, you can expect prices to go down too.

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