#BeautyBar: 5 Times cotton buds will come in handy

cotton buds 1

You haven’t completed your makeup and beauty collection if you don’t have a set of cotton buds (cosmetic or otherwise) sitting on your vanity.

They might be one of the least expensive tools and yet most diverse when it comes to use!

And just in case there was any doubt in your mind, here’s five uses for cotton buds in your beauty and makeup world:

cotton buds4

1.Cleaning up eyeliner mistakes

There’s nothing as difficult as trying to perfect the cat eye. Given the number of mistakes you’re bound to make along the way, you might want to have a cosmetic cotton bud close by. Soak it in makeup remover and use it to wipe off any mistakes or perfect a clean line. Same trick works with trying to get your lipstick line perfect. You’re welcome.

2. Dabbing ointment on a specific area

Tee Tree oil is absolutely fantastic when it comes to its healing attributes. Lately I’ve been dabbing some on any small cuts or unwanted pimples and I’ve definitely witnessed its healing powers. All I do is pour about 2 drops of the essential oil on a cotton bud and dab it on the affected spot.

cotton buds 2

3. Smudge out your makeup

If you’re going for a smoky effect and don’t happen to have a suitable makeup brush close by (or a clean out for that matter), try using a cotton bud and gently smudge your eyeliner.

4. Erase fine lines

This next trick I learned after watching one of Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty makeup videos where she used a cotton bud to erase any of the cake-y, fine lines that can appear after using concealer. It immediately buffs away the lines and eliminates any of the creases.

cotton buds 3

5. Applying lash glue

If you don’t want to waste any glue or perhaps want to have a more steady application, apply some on a cotton bud first and then apply on the actual eyelash.

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