#WeirdNews : A scientist has invented a “drunk robot”


drunk robot 1

A scientist has invented a robot, which he affectionately dubbed Drinky, that can be used as a companion by lonely drinkers.

Eunchan Park from South Korea has created the unusual robot to accompany lonely drinkers and has affectionately named it Drinky, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports.

Captioning a video of Drinky, he wrote: “On Christmas in 2012, I drank Soju [Korean alcohol] alone because I had no girlfriend at that time. Drinking alone was definitely terrible. So I couldn’t drink anymore.

“Lastly, I put an extra glass in front of me and poured Soju into it. And then, I cheered by myself with the glass of Soju, as though there was someone in front of me. Surprisingly, after that, the taste totally changed.”


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