New vaginal speaker stimulates unborn babies through music


Liken to a tampon, Babypod, is a new vaginal speaker that stimulates unborn babies through music.

Babies learn to speak in response to sound stimuli, especially melodic sound and with Babypod, babies learn to vocalize from the womb.

Makers of the product recommend that expecting mothers can use the gadget from the 16th week of pregnancy for 10-20 minutes. Music actives language and communication stimulation centres, inducing a response of vocal movements. Babies learn to talk sticking out their tongues.Most babies react with mouth and tongue movements.

Can babies perceive sounds like we do?

The vagina is a closed space, so sound is not dispersed in the environment. In addition, there are less soft tissue layers separating the baby from the sound target, only the vaginal and uterine walls. By placing a speaker inside the vagina, we overcome the barrier formed by the abdominal wall and the baby can hear sounds with almost as much intensity and clarity as when emitted.

Music stimulates major brain structures in human beings, it improves their neurological development. Therefore, paediatricians recommend that children grow up in environments with many stimuli, including music.

Scientific studies show that Babypod is the only one that stimulates the vocalization of babies before birth through music and encourages their neural development. With Babypod, the strongest bond starts through music and inside the belly. It will be the first shared experience between a mother and her baby and the child’s first musical and learning experience.

For parents, it is also an unforgettable and exciting experience and the first shared with your baby.

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