Tommy Lee wants to watch a Barack Obama sex tape



Tommy Lee wants to watch a Barack Obama sex tape because he thinks it would be “creepy”.

The 52-year-old Motley Crue drummer and his former wife Pamela Anderson became the world’s first sex tape superstars in 1997 when footage of them making love on their honeymoon was leaked and eventually turned into a home video.

Now he has revealed his most “creepy” desire is to view a sex tape of the US President and his wife Michelle.

Asked who he would pay to see make a sex tape, the ‘Girls Girls Girls’ rocker said: “Who would be fun? Maybe someone totally odd ball not someone sexy. Like how crazy would it be to see Obama and his wife, something weird like you are definitely not supposed to be watching like creepy.

“I think creepy would be fun rather than sexy because there are a lot of sexy people out there.”

Despite his tape with Pamela being viewed by millions, Tommy has previously admitted he has no idea why anyone would want to see the raunchy film.

He has previously said: “I don’t get why people feel they have to see that.”


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