4 Ways to prevent injury when working out



By Beatrice Chan

How do you take a fitness regimen to a new level or higher intensity without causing any injury? Read on to find out

If you’ve been committed to working out regularly, it may be time to take your fitness routine up to a new level and challenge yourself. But what if you injure yourself? Should you still work out? Do you push through? And once you heal, will it happen again?

Here are a few tips to help avoid getting injured while you work out:

1. Know your body

One of the best ways to avoid injury is to know your body’s limitations. Whenever you take on a challenge, assess if it’s reasonable. For example, if you have knee problems, steer clear of leg presses, as it could hurt your knees.

Knowing your body well will help you choose the right activities. It also gives you an indication of the type of movement to avoid. Slowly, you can build up those muscles, making them stronger. The point is to not put more stress on them than is necessary.

2. Work with a professional

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to avoid injury. A certified trainer will provide you with expert advice. Book a couple of sessions to get started. You’ll learn proper body use and alignment when you work out.

A certified trainer will monitor appropriate progression of exercises. He or she will advise on appropriate rest periods. The right programme allows your muscles to heal in between workouts.

3. Don’t skip the warm-up

Warming up is an important aspect of any workout. It should neither be skipped nor overlooked. A warm-up before any fitness activity helps your muscles to handle stress. It also allows you to slowly build up to the pace you need.

4. Take time to rest

It’s great to stay motivated in your fitness. However, it is important not to overdo it. Remember to take adequate rest periods. Giving your body time to recover prevents injury.



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