5 East African Destinations for Last Minute New Year’s Eve Celebrations

2016 is approaching and most of us will be celebrating with our friends and families.

Especially for this occasion, experts from Jovago.com – Africa’s leading hotel-booking

website – prepared their top 5 destinations for New Year’s Eve celebrations.



1. Entebbe (Uganda)

Who wouldn’t like to spend their New Year’s Eve by the lake, dancing with their loved ones

on the beach? This is only 1 hour’s drive away from Kampala, in Entebbe. The city is known

for its beach parties most of which take place in famous places like Spina or Lido Beach.

2. Zanzibar (Tanzania)

If you are looking for more than just a lake and with a touch of paradise, Zanzibar might be

an option for you. Although it is known more for being a honeymoon destination, try Nungwi

Beach when searching for some party spots.

3. Amboseli National Park (Kenya)

What could be more unique than spending the New Year’s Eve in a lodge watching wildlife?

In case you prefer low profile celebrations and being close to the nature, visiting a national

park might be an option for you. It’s a great option for couples looking for a romantic

getaway too!

4. Fort Portal (Uganda)

This destination has something magical in it. It might be the fact that it is located at

foothills of the most spectacular Ugandan mountains range – the Mountains of the Moon –

with a overwhelming view to the Crater Lakes. With a wide variety of lodges and hostels, it’s

a great place to stay and celebrate our entry to 2016.

5. Mombasa (Kenya)

There is something about beach destinations that makes them the perfect spots to spend

New Year’s Eve at. Mombasa nightlife and the smell of fresh breeze coming from the Indian

Ocean, will immediately put you in a summer party mood.

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