Tinder user reveals dates from hell



A Reddit thread has been setup to share cringeworthy Tinder dates.

One user named Demogals was invited to go purse shopping with his date and was given an outline of their future together, which proved one step too far for him.

On the forum thread, he posted: “I’m from a pretty left-leaning country myself, but that was one too many red flags for me, so I gently turned her down.

“To my surprise she refused my rejection and said it had to be a ‘joint decision’.”

While another user, Dr Tobagan’s date’s obsession with cats proved too much for him to handle after he discovered she lived alone with 15 of the stray fluffy creatures, according to the Irish Mirror newspaper.

He posted: “As I crossed the threshold I thought I had walked through a god damn wall as the smell that washed over me was horrific and it felt like it had weight.

“From the tops of these rubbish towers sat some of the cats, peering down at me.”


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