The Macallan 1824 series: The perfect Whiskies for the festive season


The Festive season is upon us making it mandatory to make merry however we see fit. After all, it has been one long year no? So what better way to celebrate by treating our palates to some of the best Whiskies in the market? Of course I’m talking about The Macallan 1824 range of single malt scotch whiskies.

Renowned Whisky maker The Macallan recently organized a consumer showcase for its Scotch Whisky Amber and Sienna brands at the Uptown Lounge and I had the privilege of taking part in the Whisky tasting. The showcase is among key initiatives spearheaded by the The Macallan brand ambassador Mr. Eddie Wachiuri seeking to sensitize key stakeholders on The Macallan’s rich history that dates back to 1824.

Taking us through the tasting, Eddie noted that the brand is one of the world’s distinguished whisky brands built on two of The Macallan’s greatest strengths which are: exceptional oak maturation casks and natural color.

The 1824 range is 100% matured in sherry casks delivering full bodied aromas and flavors for which The Macallan is recognized and famed. The series also adopts the color from the wood in which they are matured. Wood being a natural product and with each tree different, they impart different flavors and colors to the whisky during maturation.

Tasting notes

Despite the Macallan 1824 range being rich and full in taste, they are all very different to each other.

The Macallan 1824 Series (Amber)

Alcohol By Volume-40%
Nose– Polite with a floral, citrus sweet nose, vanilla , raisin, sultana, cinnamon, toffee apples, candy floss.
Palate – Fresh green apples and lemons mingle with cinnamon, Ginger and subtle oak lingering in the wings.
Finish – Light to medium with soft fruits and cereal, slightly dry.


The Macallan 1824 Series (Sienna)

Colour -Sienna
Alcohol By Volume – 43%
Nose – Opens with a subtle vanilla nose, Orange, green apples, white chocolate truffles with elegant oak notes.
Palate – Dates, figs, raisins, nutmeg, ginger with a hint of oranges and apples and vanilla.
Finish – The final fanfare is gentle, smooth and warming.

As every Whisky drinker already knows, you can either enjoy your Macallan whiskies Straight with no added water, or you can add a splash of water to release the flavours or you can add some ice for a refreshing drink.

The Macallan sets itself apart in that, the premium whisky quality is achieved through the process involved in maturing the drink. The brand’s full flavored aroma and taste is derived in the rich, fruity and distinctive character from maturation in sherry casks. Kenyans who appreciate a fine drink while distinguishing themselves will find The Macallan offering to be their ultimate choice.

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