Actor Nicolas Cage returns stolen Mongolian dinosaur skull


Nicolas Cage skull

US actor Nicolas Cage has agreed to turn over a dinosaur skull he purchased for $276,000, after it turned out to be smuggled from Mongolia, his agent confirmed Tuesday.

The actor bought the Tarbosaurus bataar fossil at a New York auction in March 2007 and “received a certificate of authenticity from the auction company,” said Alex Schack, who represents Cage.

In 2014, however, the Department of Homeland Security contacted the actor to inform him that a years-long investigation had led them to believe it had been illegally smuggled from Mongolia.

Once authorities determined the fossil “was indeed illegally smuggled into the US and rightfully belongs to the government of Mongolia,” Cage agreed to turn it over to Homeland Security, Schack said.

Cage, who won an Academy Award in 1996 for his leading role in “Leaving Las Vegas,” is an avid collector and was reportedly in competition with Leonardo Di Caprio for purchase of the fossil, according to US media.

No charge has been filed against the actor or the Beverly Hills-based auction house, I.M. Chait.

According to the New York District Attorney’s office — which announced the fossil’s return but did not include the actor’s name when it made the case public — the skull first arrived in the United States in Florida in 2006.

It arrived from Japan, with a customs document simply describing it as fossilized pieces of stone.

Mongolia considers all fossils found in its Gobi desert, especially those from its Nemegt geological formation, to be government property and has banned their export.

Tarbosaurus bataar lived during the Cretaceous period and disappeared some 65 million years ago. Its first fossils were discovered at the Nemegt formation in 1946.

More than 30 specimens, including 15 skulls, have been discovered.

New York authorities have returned several fossils to Mongolia in recent years, including a Tarbosaurus bataar dating back 70 million years.

Measuring more than 2.5 yards (just less than 2.5 meters) tall and around eight meters long, that skeleton was sold at a New York auction for $1.05 million in May 2012.

But it was seized the following month after Mongolian authorities intervened. The skeleton was returned to Mongolia in May 2013 and its Florida-based importer, Eric Prokopi, was sentenced to three months in prison in June 2014.



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  • Mimi

            Why are you sweating small stuff.  The guy accused you, he has been asked to give information and evidence.  Just sit back, wait and see if indeed the said evedince will link you.  If not, sweep that Midiwo clean.  Let your lawyer Lumumba Nyaberi sue this idiot a BIG chunk of muula.  I think 2 Billion Shillings sounds good by me.  Then when it goes to court, you will settle somewhere around Ksh. 900,000, smilling all the way to the bank.

    Good Luck!

    • Kimson

                   Of coz,that’s the way to it, Fight FIRE with FIRE. This Midiwo or whatever He Calls Himself Should be sued for immature allegation on ONGERI. He should mind his own business. In fact, there is a great possibility that He is trying to play innocent whereas on the other hand He is the one planning to assassinate OUR PM and may be OTHERS in the top.

      • Franopy2007

        at least they have realised that the only way 2 beat him is to elliminate him which is not possible after all.the arturs tried and its he raila himself who discovered.Raila is immortal,he can never die,he will never die,he is superhuman hahhahahha

        • xxx

          i concur

  • Jaferji

    KKK have went out of cards now they intend to drop their last demonic card ‘A’  – Assasination.
    I can practically sense a bloody civil war approaching.Its time Kenyans should rise up and act like majestic libyans and free this country from impunity,corruption and bloody thirsty politicians who already have a case at the Hague.NO SACRIFICE NO FREEDOM!!.

  • Yahala

    Being a professor in medicine cannot make him innocent.
    Ayman Al-Zawahir – Leader of Al-Qaeda is a doctor as well and he is fond of spilling blood of innocent humanbeings.He is a psycopath.
    Sam Ongeri should tell Kenyans must tell us what was he ordered to do after Raila’s assasination?

  • Josmos2011

    For real, let the truth come out. Without pointing a finger to the either side,let the investigations guide us. Let it be known that we can’t forgive Midiwo if this are mere allegations. And Prof.Sam. Ongeri also you’ve to pay us dearly for hiding the truth. Urge all good-spirited Kenyans to wait for detectives’ results.


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