Man-about-Town: Radisson Blu opens in Nairobi

The iconic brand known as Radisson Blu has finally come to Kenya and has not only impressed but clearly outdone itself.

Located in Nairobi’s Upper Hill neighbourhood, the hotel’s remarkable structure stands out and even more, its interior is breathtaking.

Welcomed into a reception that simply makes you feel more than at home with unique chairs of different shapes and sizes for guests to rest on.

An elegant but young feeling “Chop Up” restaurant sets an extraordinary mood for fine dinning but isn’t even open yet.

The exotic Al Fresco restaurant gives one a variety of lunch options that are brilliantly prepared by the chefs at hand.

12 Conference rooms that are named after the Big Five animals in Swahili and the three highest peaks in East Africa.

One can showcase their car in space allocated available right next to the massive state of the art conference rooms, which brings a very unique aspect into the hotel.

An incredible balcony area that stretches the full length of the hotel boasts a pool, Jacuzzi, and a pool bar with ample of sitting space.

Now that might sound like an ordinary hotel, but Radisson Blu have there own app that you can download on to your phone and control everything you need and want in the hotel. You can request for changes in your room before you arrive at the hotel and pretty much demand anything without having to speak to anyone.

What else can you ask for when checking into a hotel, Radisson Blu is a must experience when visiting Kenya.

JOE MIANO MUCHIRI :Joe Miano Muchiri is an aspiring sports journalist and news anchor who is a keen sports fanatic and fan. He joined Capital News team in 2015 and hopes to be an established voice that shares knowledge and understanding making people realize the importance of sports in the world.