Parents: Olive, sunflower oil can weaken babies’ skin

babies cries

Home remedies and natural remedies are quite common in the home but according to the latest research, using olive or sunflower oil on newborn babies’ skin can damage the natural barrier that prevents water loss and blocks allergens and infections.

New research led by The University of Manchester has found that using olive or sunflower oil can prevent a newborn babies’ skin from developing properly; and could be linked to the development of conditions such as eczema.

Researchers advise that parents should be wary about such natural remedies of rubbing oil onto babies’ skin because they are not based on any evidence, and until there is more research, they should avoid using olive or sunflower oil.

Journal Reference:

A Cooke, M Cork, S Victor, M Campbell, S Danby, J Chittock, T Lavender. Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil or no Oil for Baby Dry Skin or Massage: A Pilot, Assessor-blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial (the Oil in Baby SkincaRE [OBSeRvE] Study). Acta Dermato Venereologica, 2014; 0 DOI: 10.2340/00015555-2279



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