#Travel: Meet Lake Malawi’s Blue Zebras

travel Meet Lake Malawi's Blue Zebras
Have you ever seen a zebra underwater? Meet the Blue Zebra, stunning little fish that live within the sparkling waters of Lake Malawi.

The Blue Zebra originates from the deep rocky waters of Lake Malawi and is part of the Cichlid species. Also known as the Mbuna Cichlid, “Mbuna” meaning “rock fish,” can be as small as 2.5cm in length, with larger species approaching nearly 1m in length.

Blue Zebra’s are endemic to Lake Malawi, where they are most commonly found living in the north and north- eastern areas of the lake, in rocky formations along the shoreline, and around rock caves and crevices.

Lake Malawi is the ninth largest in the world and is the third largest and second deepest lake in Africa. Located at the in the East African Rift system, between Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania; Lake Malawi boasts an unique aquatic ecosystem.

More than a thousand species of African cichlid call Lake Malawi home, and of these, several hundred are endemic. In 2010, the International Union for Conservation of Nature classified 184 species of cichlid as vulnerable, 52 as endangered, and 106 as critically endangered. At present, six species are listed as entirely extinct.

The lake’s warm crystal clear fresh water, is banked by long stretches of totally uninhabited golden sandy lakeshore – a gem for watersports, diving, snorkeling, and many, more activities all-year round – perfect for experiencing a real-life aquarium filled with more species of fish than in all the lakes and rivers of Europe and North America combined!


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