#DidYouKnow: Sperm carries information about dad’s weight


obese fathers sons

Turns out dads are also eating for two.

A new study published December 3 in Cell Metabolism reveals that the sperm cells of lean and obese men possess different epigenetic marks, notable at gene regions associated with the control of appetite –  a man’s weight affects the heritable information contained in sperm.

The comparisons, which included 13 lean men and 10 obese men, offer one biological explanation for why children of obese fathers are themselves more predisposed to obesity. Researchers believe that in times of abundance, it’s an instinctual way to encourage children to eat more and grow bigger.

Researchers believe the findings from this study offer one biological explanation for why children of obese fathers are themselves more predisposed to obesity.



Cell Press. “Sperm carries information about dad’s weight.” ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 3 December 2015.


  • jakasipul

    Jakisiii ayie kodi
    iliet ahinya ratego, if it is a matter of being on hot pursuit truthfulness is
    when you roam the spade calling a big spoon a spade.

  • Balistic

    Movie sasa ianze…………………..

  • Yahala

    Will the 4 be detained at the Hague till end of full trial which is expected to go for 3 – 5 years?
    Can someone advice.

    • Balistic

      If only they behave and abide by all the conditions of the ICC will they be free, lakini if they behave on the contrary, warrants of arrest will be issued.

    • Guest

      Or more..more than 5 years that is. Well Balistic has answered you.

  • Pratt

    Brothers Hon. Ruto and Hon. Uhuru should, for the time being, avoid responding to any provocative pronouncements by the masters of deceit. I suspect they have been getting leaks on how to push the pair to a trap.

    • Aptbks

       Who fits your bill for masters of deceit? let this harmless guys go and help us understand how impunity can be dealt a blow. Its going to be some lesson either way. Hague is now a reality not a movie.

      • Pratt

        I thought your guess was as good as mine! All the same, regardless of what happens to our dear brothers, be sure we know who the commanders in chief were for PEV. We also know who called for the murderous mass action. Be happy for now, but when things start playing out pretty quickly and totally far opposite of what excites you, I hope you wont be enveloped by gloom. I have never understood why some of us are happy when others are in pain. However, I do know the author of that. Its the master of deceit, whom without lies cant be anything at all!!! What will happen if this overrated fellow turns out to be nothing on election date? Ever thought of it? Make sure you dont end up committing suicide! Some one is reaching his political dead end and still hope against hope pal!

        • Aptbks

           Nobody Mr cheap is happy when others are going through pain. But still nobody should be happy that people were burnt in a church and others hacked, n raped, n maimed and forcebly transferred. If your so called brothers were involved, let them fry who cares

          • Pratt

            Oh yes! The guys who rewarded those who burned churches are still free but just for now. Its all there pal, every tribal supporter of merchant of deceit is pretty happy. Why deny it, ICC is going to land you on the moon? You simply dont know Kenyans. That happiness mushrooming your harmlet will turn to endless pain. With merchants of deceit past sell by date and prospects almost nil, sombody will commit suicide, I guess not you pal!

  • Kkk

    Ralia has now selected the  judges. Uhuru and Ruto  forget about presidency and Back Raila 

    • maonimaoni


      • Pratt

        National shame brought about by merchants of deceit is now a fun-making item?

    • Pratt

      Raila’s nightmare is actually just beginning! I see him being unable to respond to serious searching questions as defence witness in the Hague. To think things are getting better for him is to misread the whole ICC issue. He WILL be damaged goods even before the trials commence proper. This idea of wanting others to die to give room to empty illogic WILL surely end up on rocks. Who would elect people laden with so much hate and toxic tribalism? The do-nothing fellow will remain nothing after the elections. I foresee a situation whereby he will be crippled by frustrations.

      • Aptbks

         Throw tantrums all u want. But let those who committed attrocities fry in their own fat.

        • Pratt

          We will see if the fire doesnt consume its very own source while laughing at what it burns! You know what happens in a situation that? The fire dies, figure it out pal!

      • aluko

        Since nobody knows how things are going to pan out, don’t you think it is time you people allowed ICC to do its work without dragging innocent people into your problems. When Ruto traveled to the ICC for the first time, there was excitement that Ruto was going to spill the beans and that Raila would be in serious trouble. Nothing happened. R/Valley MPs even claimed violence was planned at Orange House and there were minutes to that effect. To date nothing has come out. Uhuru also tried but could not produce evidence when challenged to do so. Without tangible evidence against Raila, what you are involved in may serve your narrow political interest for now, but it’s a very serious sin before our Lord Jesus Christ and the Almighty God. It is called bearing false witness against someone you do not like. ICC is an emotive issue but let us not allow our emosions to dictate how we behave.

        • Pratt

          Brother Hon. Ruto went to Hague unaware things there were different from what he knew. He was not afforded opportunity to unleash the tsunami. Now that time is at hand. Your tribal loyalty will leave you devastated. The real test for your dictatorial idol is quickly beckoning. What you are involved in is mere protective propaganda. It wont help. If you think calling your newly born babies “Ocampo” will soften up things for you, you are dead wrong. Perhaps, the situation will force you to change those pugnacious “pride”  names! By the way, who told you merchants of deceit are off the hook? It was easy to sing praises and incriminate others, but now you have to prove your innonce and why you didnt call for an end to the attrocities. You have to state in a clear language  why you never apologized to Kenyans for visiting violence on them. Kenyans on their part, wont allow somebody with their blood on his hands to become their whatever. Furthermore, we have too many clean innocent leaders in this country. We certainly wont go for a national pain!

  • Karisasi

    Ruto is accused of Kiambaa massacre and Uhuru accused of Nakuru and Naivasha massacre.
    The two are facing serious crimes jameni!!!.
    They dont deserve to be called honourables or brothers.
    What brothers??
    Brothers in the spirit of devil?.

  • Japolo

    I’m waiting for the papers to sign and butress the 2milion signatures

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