Become more self-aware and prevent weight gain



by Shenrina Badri

How well do you know yourself and how can you use this to prevent weight gain? …

Take some time out to discover yourself and learn more about what makes you turn to certain foods or beverages for comfort during times when you are experiencing different emotions. For example do you find yourself having chocolate or ice cream when depressed?

You could also try to discover when it is that you feel too lethargic to have a good workout or engage in some exercise routines. Do you avoid physical activity when you are on holiday or perhaps on days when you feel stressed out?

Make a list of which activities or emotions trigger you into emotional eating or avoiding engaging in physical activities altogether. After doing so, you may be able to work around them by finding ways to prevent yourself from gaining weight. For example, do not keep ice cream or chocolate in your refrigerator if you know that a certain event may make you emotional.

Therefore, getting to know yourself better can help you prevent weight gain.



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