#WineWednesday :The Secret Vineyards by BSG launch wines in Kenya


Wine is known to have  special powers that can bring a bunch of wine lovers together in the shortest time! So when you get an invite from a master Sommelier to attend his  own wines brand launch that he specifically intended for the young, urban and sophisticated lot of wine drinkers, you drop everything and make your way to the launch venue. This was the exciting situation last Friday at the South African High Commission official residence in Nairobi where the BSG co-founder and Managing Director Brilliant Mathelumusa together with  his co-founder /Director of Operations who also happens to be his fiancée Suzan Njuguna launched not one but three new wine varietals from the Secret Vineyards brand.

The 3 wine varietals which include  2014 Merlot 2015 Sauvignon Blanc and 2015 Sauvignon Blanc/Cabernet Franc Rosé were specially made with the preference of the Kenyan wine drinkers in mind. This is taking into account the recent findings that wine consumption in Kenya is growing as a result of the changing lifestyle trends, a growing middle-income consumer group with increasing disposable incomes as well as gaining  international exposure which has come about through sharing social scenes with people from nations with strong wine drinking cultures.

Expect the following notes from the Secret Vineyards by BSG wines :

2014 Merlot

This Merlot’s nose shows off black cherries and a touch of cloves. On the palate, expect a deep and focused core of fruit held by a firm yet silky structure.

2015 Sauvignon Blanc

This Sauvignon Blanc shows off fresh fruity aromas on the nose, with kiwi fruit and gooseberry flavors on the palate. The fresh acidity of the wine adds to a lively lingering finish.

2015 Sauvignon Blanc/Cabernet Franc Rosé

This wine varietal with its subtle salmon color shows off fresh fruity aromas on the nose, with strawberry, kiwi fruit and gooseberry flavors on the palate. The fresh acidity of the Sauvignon blanc grape harmonize well with the natural sweetness of this wine.

The Secret Vineyards brand has also partnered with Storymoja to help raise funds to install libraries in all primary schools in Kenya. For every bottle of The Secret Vineyards Wine purchased, 3% of its profit will be donated to Charity.

The BSG Secret Vineyard Wines are all exclusive meaning they will only be available on order directly from the company and  delivered to you.
The company is also in the process of negotiating partnerships with restaurants, hotels and wine shops meaning that in the near future you should be able to find the international standard trio wines in specific joints as well.

#HappyWinesday !

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