If Only Bedroom Walls Could Talk…


Bedroom walls hold so many secrets. If your bedroom walls could talk what would they say?

1. “Why are you sexing a stranger on the bed that belongs to you and your spouse?”

2. “Again you wet your pillow with your tears. For how long will you continue crying over a man who has shown he doesn’t care for you? Move on”

3. “Madam, have you considered changing what you wear to bed?… ermm, maybe to something more attractive?”

4. “Oh my goodness, you two are sex freaks. Turn down the loud moans, you’ll wake the neighbours up”

5. “Don’t you think it’s time to move your baby to a separate room? Baby has grown!”

6. “We miss the days you used to pray. What happened between you and God? Your bedroom is no longer an altar”

7. “This has got be the most boring couple ever. Yawn”

8. “Sorry lady, yet another night your hubby is not home. We think he is cheating on you”

9. ‘Please stop carrying your work to bed. The bedroom is sacred, not a work station”

10. “Warning! If you two continue like this you will eventually divorce. Resolve these issues. Save your marriage”

11. “Excuse me man, it’s unfair. You get to orgasm then sleep but your wife is sexually frustrated. Do you know she fakes her orgasms?”

12. “Aaaaaw this couple is so sweet. Look at them sleeping as they cuddle”

13. “Aih! woman, you are full of drama. Why do you give him stress in bed? Calm down”

14. “Please you two, before you sleep make up. Forgive each other”

15. “Lady, your husband has a hard on. Can you for a few minutes stop worrying about your responsibilities grab that hard thing and give him a quickie?”

16. “Excuse me, please tell that person you are chatting with on phone who makes you smile each night that it’s time to sleep”

17. “Again you touch yourself to an orgasm, don’t you think it’s time you got a real lover? Your wanking is too much”

18. “Uuuh yet another episode of morning glory, this couple is kinky, talk about high libido”

19. “Are you stressed? You don’t get enough sleep these days”

20. “Please do something about that loud snoring”

21. “Ha ha ha, that joke was too funny. Lady you have such a funny hubby, always making you smile before you sleep”

22. “Look at them talking as they hold each other. If only every couple had this kind of love”

23. “Oh my, again she pulls all the blanket from him. She is such a messy sleeper”

24. “What! Did he just fart as he sleeps? Why does he keep doing this? SOS”

25. “You two look beautiful naked. The garden of Eden”

26. “Uuuh she’s giving him a strip show, clothes tumbling down. This woman can dance, check out his eyes desiring her. It’s about to get hot, this is a private show”

27. “Wake up blessed one. A beautiful day awaits you, the sun looks amazing. God loves you”

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