#Video: Alexa Chung launches spray-on nail polish

spray on nail polish

Alexa Chung has launched spray-on nail polish.

The 31-year-old fashion model has teamed up with Nails Inc to showcase the new Paint Can, which claims to be the world’s fastest and easiest home manicure, after she was recently plucked to be the brand’s ambassador.

Paint Can comes in two colours – Shoreditch Lane and Hoxton Market – and works by bonding to the base coat to give a long-lasting, smudge-free and even manicure.

Despite staying on the nails for a long time, the excess product comes off the skin easily by washing away with water and soap or facial makeup remover wipes.

Meanwhile, as well as teaming up with Nails Inc, the beauty has also just launched her new fashion app, Villoid.

The app allows users to create moodboards, share their style, follow friends and buy the items featured.

She said recently: “I want Villoid to be fashion insiders sharing in an all-encompassing way.

“I want to be an authority on it without being condescending. More like, ‘If you need help, here we are.’ Fashion is a huge part of my life but I don’t necessarily feel comfortable always talking about clothes on my personal social media. I wanted a purer place for the fashion stuff to live.”

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