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  1. Avatar Pratt March 19th, 2012 at 5:16 pm

    There is no division at all. Only opportunists are lying to the public that unsecure election can change their lives. Having witnessed that madness in 2007, do we really have any reasons to rush to an election that might not be well prepared? Raila after unleashing untold suffering on Kenyans and securing a do-nothing position, should be the last person to dismiss court decisions. However, the creature of fictitious feats, has already  forgotten that he wallowed neck-deep in the blood of innocent Kenyans to become a Pm! He is ready to thoughtlessly get us through the same lunacy. Whats this kind of his democracy that has no respect for courts? And can a democracy flourish without courts? Raila certainly doesnt fit the bill! He can easily destroy the country. His excesses were hidden when there was no alternative media. However, unable to filter whats to be said about him, he has been left naked with his incredible unguarded blunders.


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