Chef’s Delight Awards hopes to showcase Nairobi as culinary hub

chef delight awards nairobi

Chef’s Delight Awards are in full swing. Running from October 2015 to January 2016, the restaurant and bar awards has partnered with Nairobi City County through its Live Love Campaign to showcase Nairobi as a culinary hub.

The County’s Live Love Nairobi is a dynamic and vibrant marketing campaign, which explores the various facets of city life in Nairobi, and is pleased to endorse Nairobi City as a culinary hub.

Nairobi has in the past few years experienced an upsurge of eateries, restaurants and fast food joints serving up a metropolitan-style menu to an ever-growing palate of discerning consumers. Eating out is no longer just a matter of perusing a menu, ordering and settling down for a quick bite. It has evolved into an art, and the Nairobi foodie wants to experience world class cuisines and hospitality.

In the spirit of re-branding Nairobi, the County Executive of Trade Industrialization, Cooperative Development & Tourism, Ms. Anna Othoro has stressed on the need to understand Nairobi as a Brand.

“Nairobi has so much to explore and so much to crave in terms of food and beverage experiences through world class cuisines and unforgettable hospitality.”

The ongoing Chef’s Delight Awards is a step towards realizing the vision of Nairobi becoming a hub for culinary tourism.

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