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  1. Avatar Dwmoskowitz March 17th, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    Nice article. But like everything written about dialysis since the mid-90s, and especially 2002, incomplete.
    In the mid-90s, I worked out a way to prevent 90% of kidney failure, the kind caused by diabetes or high blood pressure.
    In 2002, I published a paper showing my results in 1,000 consecutive black and white male veterans whom I cared for at the St Louis VA Medical Center. The data clearly showed that high-dose ACE inhibition early on reversed kidney damage. Once somebody lost more than half their kidney function, though, it was too late, and they progressed to dialysis.
    Obviously, public education would be crucial for such a complicated message. If 90% of kidney failure were prevented, then the few remaining kidney patients might all be able to find cadaver kidneys and get a transplant. But no healthcare authority has had the slightest interest in telling the public about my work for the past 15 years. Nobody in healthcare wants to give up such a lucrative business. In the US alone, dialysis brings in $50 billion/yr. In the UK, divide by 4 or 5. In Africa, the torrent of dialysis blood-money is just beginning.
    For my paper, go to http://www.genomed.com, click on “Publications” and then click on paper #1. For how badly global healthcare has behaved for the past 15 yrs, click on paper #9.

    1. Avatar Hmutheu March 21st, 2012 at 9:40 am

      Dwmo i hope its u i talked to last night and didnt get your email address clearly but i hope it would be ok if i give mine…its hmutheu@yahoo.com

  2. Avatar Hmutheu March 21st, 2012 at 10:12 am

    i am Happiness and very grateful to capitalfm for raising our concern as a family. i am a niece to peninah and would like to thank all our well wishers for the donations they have done to us/we have so far received four kidney donars. three from kenya and one from usa. our plea is to look for the money needed to settle the transplant bill.we have spend all that we had  to cater for the dialysis bills and now looking for aid in order to raise the capital needed. i would be very grateful if she undergoes the transplant that would enable to be well and atleast be in a position to look for her two kids…


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