Seal wrote album to deal with divorce


Seal turned his hand to penning tracks for his new album ‘7’ to help him get over his divorce from Heidi Klum.

The ‘Kiss from a Rose’ hitmaker split with wife Heidi Klum – with whom he raises children Leni, 11, Henry, 10, Johan, eight, and Lou, five – in 2012 and has channelled all his emotions into new LP ‘7’.

He said: “Some people pay to see a therapist, but I write an album. I would never divulge which songs are autobiographical – some bits are, of course.”

Despite the breakdown of his marriage, Seal hasn’t lost faith in love.

He said: “My faith in love is stronger than it’s ever been. You can’t become jaded or fearful. That would be a dark and lonely place.”

Instead, the 52-year-old singer is happy in a new relationship with Erica Packer, but wants to keep it as private as possible.

He told HELLO! magazine: “Am I in a happy relationship? Yeah I am. I don’t talk about it so much because I’ve learnt when you’re in a relationship in the public eye, you need to keep the thing that are precious to you, so you stand a much higher chance of survival.”

And he won’t be having any more kids with the mother-of-three as he thinks “four children is a lot.”

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