#TisTheSeason: Prevent weight gain when dining out this holiday


The holidays are coming up which means more opportunities to dine out. Sounds delicious! But this could have a huge effect on your weight…

(By Shenrina Badri) Making simple changes to your meals, especially when eating out, can have a significant effect on the amount of weight that you may gain over time.

Here are some possible changes to consider:

Cooking method

Go for grilled foods as opposed to foods that have been deep fried in loads of oil. For example, ask for grilled fish and potato wedges instead of deep fried fish and chips.

Sauce on the side

If you cannot enjoy your meal without a sauce, then ask for it on the side. In this way you can control the amount that you add to your food when eating.

Healthy starter

If you are having starters then consider a healthy salad that is loaded with fresh vegetables. This will increase your fibre intake and help you stay fuller for longer. You may find that you will consume less of your main course too.


Choose healthy options for protein such as lean meat, fish or skinless chicken. Avoid fatty cuts of meat or those which are processed.

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