#BeautyBar: 5 Ways to use clay in your beauty regimen

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If you’re a bonafide beauty lover then you’ve definitely experimented with a clay treatment before. And just in case you haven’t already, you probably will after reading this article!

For hundreds of years, clay has been used as a healing agent treating cuts, mosquito bites, aches and abrasions. Given that this natural ingredient is left out in the open to absorb all of nature’s properties, it can have very nourishing elements.

Despite the fact that clay has many great uses (some of which I’ll list down below), I wouldn’t exactly advice you to make a quick dash to the river and just slap on whatever you find by the bank.

They key is to find a boutique or supplier you can trust to supply you with the best version of this healing agent.

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Discover 5 ways to incorporate this item in your beauty regimen below:

1. Clay toothpaste

If you’re looking for a more natural solution to cleaning your teeth, look no further than a tube of all natural toothpaste with some clay. It’s a safe option that you can even share with your kids without worrying about chemicals!

2. Face Mask

Clay masks are a great way of combating oily skin and allowing your face to soak up all the minerals. Be sure not to let the mask dry completely as it will start to soak up all the moisture from your face.

3. Hair treatment

Mix some clay with your favourite essential oils, a little bit of water and some coconut oil to form a paste which you can coat your hair with as it will help pull all the dirt and excess oil out. Be sure not to let it dry out completely before rinsing it out!

4. Cleanser

Looking for clay in your list of ingredients is a good start in making sure all the nasty toxins sitting on your skin are dealt with. Different cleansers now include clay to help with oily skin.

5. Massage treatment

Don’t forget to let the rest of your body soak up this natural ingredient! With different clay beauty treatments, you can either choose to cleanse your body or firm it up.

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