#SusanEats: Sierra Burger Bar at Yaya Centre


The menu at Sierra Burger Bar, the recently redesigned lower-floor space of Sierra Brasserie at Yaya Centre, is short and to the point. If you’re not craving for burgers, then I would suggest heading upstairs for Sierra’s modern interpretation of French classical instead.

Burgers are hot right now, especially if you go for the hardcore stuff, Angus beef and dry-aged. It’s hard to track the spread of a food trend; but who was the first to bring hamburgers to Kenyan menus? Who was the first to strip back the fast-food supply chain and embrace the handcrafted story? Recipes are always re-invented at some point, but it’s important to always keep in mind that “authentic” doesn’t necessarily mean “good.”

At the new Burger Bar, in truth, the burgers are authentic and good. From the Original with a subtle gourmet twist thanks to its green chili chutney, to the classic Bacon Cheese Burger or the Mushroom Burger with truffled mushrooms – the selection of eight burgers (KSh800 – KSh1,200) with the options of green salad, red cabbage coleslaw, chips or onion rings makes for decisive decisions.

Each burger arrives with juicy beef patties, probably formed as tenderly as possible without over-handling and turning the texture into your Sunday meatloaf. Sierra’s beef is ground fresh every morning using dry-aged Angus beef from Marania Farm in Timau. The beef patties were seasoned liberally, probably just before they had hit the grill. Remember, salting your ground beef before it’s been formed into patties can affect the texture by dissolving muscle proteins, making your burgers springy.


A deep brown brick wall runs the length of the room and is anchored by a continuous black leather banquette – transforming the space into an industrial-chic watering hole. The copper paint on the bar and open kitchen add gorgeous reflective values, which add a little bit of character in the modern and simple space.

Our waiter gave us as much attention as necessary – nothing sticky or patronizing. Thanks to the simple and concise menu, it must be a dream for the wait staff! Service was instinctive and welcoming. My companion and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we ended-up spending most of our afternoon lounging on the banquettes.

Sierra Burger Bar serves up some delicious beef burgers, which will stay on your breath for a bit – just long enough for you to preach about your experience. It’s a simple concept, nothing revolutionary, but otherwise a sound scheme for an urban restaurant that will most certainly add some colour into Nairobi’s  Kilimani and Hurlingham neighbourhoods.


Sierra Burger Bar, Yaya Centre, Argwings Kodhek Rd,Hurlingham, Nairobi, Kenya. 

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