Our2Cents Ep 56: Our search for the perfect office chair


Our2Cents Ep56 cover

Finding the perfect office chair is never an easy task.

So Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong set out on a quest to find something that perfectly suited their needs.

And while Susan was on the search for the perfect ergonomic chair with the right seat depth, Sharon was looking for something that had arm rests and would help her with her posture. So off they went to Bevaj Furniture!

For those looking for a new chair, be sure to check out their range of seats.

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  • Safahrio

    Mr pogishio,tiz is not right,negotiate rather than intimidation!!!

  • Safahrio

    Mr poghisio,tiz is not right,negotiate rather than intimidation!!!

    A Like Reply

  • Mutinda

    give them wat they deserve and wat they work for.. tiz their right

  • Balistic

    Poghisio -These are the kind of leaders who what to elected, Senators and Governors? Bure kabisa, once you elect them you become their slaves, KBC si ya mtu !

    • Bgachanja

      You are right. Once elected, they become useless.

  • Mpenda Amani

    Mr Pogishio, the right to strike and protest poor working conditions is enshrined in the conatitution Put your self in their shoes! An attempt to advertise there jobs is intimidation. You can recruit those ready to work for slave wages for now. Sooner or later, they will demand what their contemporaries earn elsewhere. Why dont you close KBC altogether? With the green horns you want to recruit we will not miss it.

  • Pops Omondi

    This is impunity at its best by minister. KBC Workers are Kenyans deserving care and listenning. Stop harassing KBC staff after failing to address their demands

  • Sssssss

    consultations needed between the two parties….

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