Easy (and cheap) ways to make your house a home


By Annali Van Zyl

A house is not really a home until you have added your personal touch, this might seem daunting for the non-creatives out there, but have no fear, there are some really easy ways to make the cold house a comfy home that wont break the bank.

These items can all be purchased at a reasonable price, and if incorporated in the right way, can create a really cosy and comfortable atmosphere to create the ideal living space.

Use these ideas to recreate your living space, so that you never want t leave!

Soft lighting

Let’s be honest – NOTHING looks great in harsh lighting. Some strategically placed lamps in the living room, or bedside lamps in the bedroom makes all the difference and creates that warm feeling.

Treasure memories

There’s no better way to create a personal space, than to display photos reminding you of good times. Using them as decor will make your home more comfortable and warm.

Bedroom comfort

Adding a comfortable seat to your bedroom gives it a homey feel, that will tempt you to curl up with a book. Shop at second hand stores for that for that perfect affordable vintage chair that can easily be cleaned or re-upholstered.

Incorporate throws

Accessorizing your bedroom or living room with some soft throws automatically adds than luxurious feel, available at most stores at reasonable prices this is such an easy way to create the ultimate chill-out feel.

Make it magical

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to incorporate string lights into a space. If you use copper wire string lights ($25), the glitzy wire increases the shimmery effect.

Comfy rugs

What’s more comfortable that than the feel of a sort rug under your bare feet – especially with a tile only house, this creates an instant feeling of comfort on those ever so cold floors.

Bring it to life

What better way to make your house seem more homy than to incorporate actual living plants. With so many beautiful house plants to choose from, this can easily be done. Add some herbs to your kitchen or some creepers in your bathroom. Plus they create extra oxygen for healthy living.

Candle light

This is probably the most obvious item, candles creates an instant warm atmosphere, whether you light them in your bathroom, on the patio or living room, there’s nothing like it, and its cheap and easy to come by!

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