Robin Williams enjoyed ‘perfect’ last day


Robin Williams’ widow Susan Schneider says they enjoyed “a perfect day” together before he took his own life in August 2014Susan Schneider, who claims the actor had been unknowingly suffering from the brain disease Lewy Body Dementia [LBD], which causes extreme anxiety, delusions and impaired movement, thought he was getting better before he committed suicide in August 2014.

She said: “It was a perfect day, we just did what we loved to do together and I know now that he gave me that perfect day, he gave us that perfect day. In hindsight, he knew what he was doing.”

The graphic designer, 51, says the Oscar winner, 63, was nothing like his public persona in private.

She told ‘Good Morning America’: “Robin was kind, quiet and sometimes funny at home. He was meditative, contemplative, intellectual and sometimes very, very funny.”

Susan also claims she was “forced” to take her late husband’s children, Zachary, Zelda and Cody, from a previous marriage, to court over his estate and is relieved they were able to settle their dispute privately last month.

She said: “After being in the trenches with my husband for so long and trying to solve this thing, after seven years together in love, I was told that I might not be able to be able to keep our wedding gifts.

“In fact, [they said], ‘While you’re out of the house, we need to come in and take everything out. Eventually once we’ve gone through it all, you can decide – tell us which items are yours. And we’ll decide whether or not that’s true.’ “

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