Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld on why he’s ‘like a machine’

Karl Lagerfeld 4

Karl Lagerfeld thinks he’s “like a machine”.

The German fashion designer insists he never gets confused with the visions he has for his own brand or Fendi and Chanel which he also creates outfits for, because he has three separate personalities.

He said: “I never mix them up in my mind. That is the secret of the story. First of all, I prefer not to analyse why or why not. I have the feeling that when I am doing Fendi I am another person to when I am doing Chanel or my own line. I have no personality. I have three.

“I never ask myself questions. I try to find answers. It’s a very pretentious line, no? I am in a way like a machine. I have electronic flashes, it’s true.”

Despite the sartorialist now being 82 years old, he has no plans to retire because he finds “slow people” disgusting.

He explained: “I think I’m pretty lucky that I can do what I like best in perfect conditions. I don’t have to fight with anybody. You know my contracts with Fendi and Chanel are for life? And I don’t feel tired at all. I hate slow people. Horrible.”

However he’s helped by a small team, who he says it is imperative to have complete trust in because it’s such a secretive business.

He told “Most of these people have never worked for someone else. Amanda [Harlech], she worked for other people but we forget that. I think the people around me I can really trust. Even the people in my house. My maids.”

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