#TransformYourLife: 6 Ways drinking water can help you lose weight


Water is the most under rated yet extremely important beverage ever.

Most people believe that drinking soda/pop, juice and other drinks compensates for water intake. As much as it might contribute towards it, It also contributes to consuming a lot more calories hidden in ingredients like sugar, salt, coloring/chemicals etc that are not good for the body.

Water like everything else is made up of molecules which are broken down even further to even smaller units called atoms. H2O (water) consists two atoms of the element Hydrogen (H) and one atom of the element Oxygen (O). Two atoms of Hydrogen have a positive change and the Oxygen have a negative charge. It’s because of these special charges that water molecules stick together and make water have the properties it does.

Albeit boring to the palette water consumption is important especially for weight loss for several reasons:

1. Excess weight can be water weight: Just like food, the body will retain water when it feels as though it is not getting enough. The best way to keep the body from retaining the water is by increasing water intake.

2. Sweating during a workout robs your body off water.  Drinking water helps replace that which is lost through sweating and respiration. It also helps in energy transformation during a workout.

3. Cleansing: Working out and burning fat and calories creates byproducts in the body that need to be eliminated. This elimination only happens with a good enough supply of water.

4. Drinking water burns calories: Water does not get a free pass in the body just because its water. The body has to work in order to absorb it. For that calories are burned. The more water consumed, the more work created for the body.

5.Appetite suppressant:  Your body will send a signal of hunger when really it is thirsty. Next time you feel hungry, take a glass of water and wait 20mins. Chances are you were not hungry just thirsty.

6. Optimize body functions: Water is extremely important for kidney function however when kidneys are functioning at sub-optimal level they receive assistance from the liver.

The livers main function is to metabolize fat. When helping a out the liver, fat metabolism is less efficient and less productive. We should seek to make sure that the liver is fully focused on metabolizing the fat.

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