#BeautyBar: 8 Beauty must-haves for your nightstand

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The process of getting into bed can be one of the most thrilling, exciting and highly-anticipated moments in your day.

So to make it even more rewarding, here are some 8 beauty items you should keep close to you every night!

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1. Water
In order to make sure you hit your daily water goal and replenish fluids lost during your daily activities, keep a glass of water by your bedside table every night.

2. Hand lotion
If you tend to get dry, ashy hands – or would like to delay the process of aging – keep a tube of your favourite hand moisturizer by your nightstand!

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3. Wipes
Sleeping with makeup on is big no-no and even though you should properly cleanse your face, every now and then we can get a little lazy about it. So a great way to make sure you do the bare minimum is to keep your wipes close by.

4. Lip balm
A great way to keep your lips looking supple and soft the next morning is to slather a nice layer of lip balm on the night before. So keep a tube next to your bed.

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5. Candle
Not only are candles a great way to get the mood going for you and your partner *wink wink* , but depending on the scent they’re a perfect, luxurious way to get you relaxed.

6. Cuticle Oil
A great time to moisturize your cuticles is before bed, as you’re reading your current book or catching up on your favourite show. Besides, a little pamper session before bed never hurt anyone!

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7. Satin Scarf
If you happen to have afro hair, then you should know that a good hair day starts with proper hair care the night before. A satin scarf is a great start to making sure your hair keeps its moisture and doesn’t get tangled.

8. Night treatment moisturizer
Your skin does most of its work at night so slathering some quality night cream will help things along and lead to clearer skin!

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