Man-about-Town: Glenfiddich tasting experience

Glenfiddich Tasting 1

The atmosphere at the Tribe poolside was lit with the world’s top selling single malt scotch, Glenfiddich.
Commencing with the younger member of the family, the fine 12 year old scotch was first to be served and didn’t disappoint leaving most with the fruitful, creamy palette.

Before the 15 year old was served, the heavy down pour of rain directed the guest into the glamorous front lounge of the hotel. This serving was definitely not for the lighthearted as its intense, spicy flavours left most with a harsh aftertaste.

Glenfiddich Tasting 2

18 and finally legal was the fine, sweet taste of a robust oak expression that makes the age ever so special.

Not to forget the salmon, mini burgers and donuts filled with vanilla cream that was in plenty to compliment the fine whisky affair.

As an experience cherished by myself, I can only say it would be a sin for any whiskey lover to miss out on the next outing.

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