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  • Mata

    This is a very serious issue. The govt should intervene

  • Feast


  • Gerry Mwanjila

    two wrongs dont make right, this is very very dangerous especially to the kids in the homes where it takes place!

  • ma

    Real men don’t get battered by women,

  • Wangari

    If indeed this is the number of men being battered,what about the women…

    • Kipkoechmr Antipah

      the women battered per year is more than women, because these are the figures of those drunken fellows who wake up at six in the morning and arive home without the family provision.many women are living in abject poverty and they are battered by their men.the number of women beaten thoroughly stands at 1.2 million compared to men 460,0000. wanawake ndiyo wanachnuka sasa.

    • JeffM

      Wangari are you from Nyeri?

  • Moffah

    Tunaomba serikali

  • JeffM

    A man who under whatever circumstances allows himself to a vulnerable position of being battered by a woman deserves every bit of what he gets.  Bure kabisa nyinyi.

  • Wafula

    Am looking for a serious lady from Nyeri.I would like to experience how they handle men.

  • Symo

    A true and complete man cannot be battered.

  • Eugine

    Men are being battered because they have failed to provide,seriously if there is gender equality why can’t women also provide?

  • Wechuli

    these guys from the other part of the country are leting us down

  • Donald Marshall51

    Ukinyoroshwa na mama hapana ambia wazee!!

  • the drunkered men must face this….. sorry for them

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