International Chefs Day 2015 hopes to promote healthy eating


October 20th is International Chefs Day. This year’s theme is “Healthy Kids – Healthy Future.”

Every year, over 10 million chefs affiliated with 103 member associations through World Association of Chefs’ Societies, or Worldchefs in short, use the day to engage in charitable activities in their immediate communities, providing exposure to the Chefs vocation and to honor the profession.

To celebrate this day, the Worldchefs are calling all chefs to engage with a local school, nursery school or kindergarten in your community and to have fun with young children, between 4-8 years old, while teaching them about healthy eating. The idea is to let kids be grown-ups that can make their own food choices by turning them into ‘chefs’ for an afternoon.

Nestlé Healthy Kids and Worldchefs have created a play kit with healthy recipes and an easy campaign concept that chefs can easily recreate all over the world.

Are you a chef? This is how can you participate

  • Obtain the Healthy Kids play kit from our local Nestlé Professional representative Contact your local school of choice
  • Cook, play and have fun
  • Share your story and send your images/ videos

Find out more here: “Healthy Kids-Healthy future” presentation

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