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  • Vicman

    Which is not normal?Who told you what is. Normal?Let these students live their life they way the want.
    There is freedom of choice and expression.

  • ooloitiptip

    I dont care if they lap it up with penguins 

  • mteule chris mwachia

    there is real decay of morals in our society,where are our pastors?

    • morality is a construct. Live and let live…

  • Reneesue

    Are these the priorities of education inspectors? When our education standards are plummeting, students killing themselves for the unfair demands of education, parents abandoning their parenting responsibilities and attacking principals and teachers, yet… we have time to deal with puberty issues. Seriously!??!?! 

    We are a country of hypocrites, who are quick to blow situations out of control so as to divert our own attention on our own vices. Does this issue require that attention – question directed at Capital FM too? I would have expected that your story angle would be how we have all our priorities wrong. 

    Secondly, I am dismayed at the selectiveness in condemnation of “vices” in our country. I have searched religious text to find where homosexuality is weighed heavier as a vice and even asked the pastors, but no one has an answer. It is our skewed attitude towards sexuality that has resulted in the such tragic early HIV and STD infections. Were they being punished on the basis of unacceptable behaviour in school or because they are lesbians? Did the principal counsel them or just call attention to these teenagers (at such a tender and impressionable age). Have we done more good than harm to these children? Do you ever expect them to seek responsibility advise about their sexuality or explore at the risk of disease? 

    Seriously, let’s get our priorities right. If we must admonish homosexuality on the supposed premise of ethics and morality, let’s give daylight robbery (aka corruption), rape, lazy self-serving leadership that same attention. I cringe at how we dignify adultery ‘mipango ya kando’ on radio and television and then raise hell at two consenting adults do what they fancy. 

    On our education system, we have lost the plot! 

  • Mazzdark

    Once the girls have tasted that particular fruit, all attempts at Counsellng, Praying etc will be in vain, maybe we all should learn to accept that people are not the same, and do the craziest things

  • Dxdxdx

     my biggest fear was my daughter ending up as a stripper….then came lesbianism…if only i had used that condom

  • Otto

    Transgender should not be associated with homosexuality and lesbianism

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