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  • kirui

    You   mean   there  is  no  rivolry  between   the  PM  and  Mudavadi?  Only   time   will   tell.

  • Boiyot

    This is interesting… We know Mudavadi will support Raila if he losses the nomination. Does anyone think that Raila will support Mudavadi if he’s chosen? 
    My hunch is I don’t think so!

  • Pratt

    When the worst is in the offing, we all pretend all is well. Raila is not going to support Mudavadi if he attempts to beat him. Furthermore, Raila will make it extremely impossible for Mudavadi to come anywhere close to upstaging him. Mudavadi on the other hand, will have to leave the party since Raila has no mercy for those who try to tame him. Apart from the good empty postures, dictators never believe in democracy and hate challenges. May be my good friend Mudavadi hasnt properly fingered out that.

    • Mazzdark

      Mudavadi has a 1% rating on most opinion polls, clearly he can only be playing a spoiling game and has value only for his ability to wreck ODM and Raila’s plans from the inside – for whose benefit??

      • Pratt

        Whose opinion polls, the self-serving ones? All are commissioned by Raila! But we understand what you mean, if not Raila is spoiling. However, who is ever genuine to you guys? Kalonzo was a spoiler and now Mudavadi, who is fooling who pal? I guess challenge is spoiling! When will the deceit ever end? Perhaps you need to remember former president Moi’s words: “you are going to cook yourselves with your own fat like swine!”

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