7 Clever tips to keep your home smelling fresh all day

nice smelling home

Here are Ambi Pur’s top seven tips to take care of odours and keep your home smelling fresh all day…

1. After cooking and eating, refresh the air around you by spraying a little air freshener. Our noses become immune to odours after around 15 minutes so just because you can no longer smell your meal doesn’t mean it’s no longer lingering in the air

2. If your child is sleeping away from home, unfamiliar surroundings can make them pine for home. Spray a sleeping bag or hotel pillow with a familiar scent to bring back pleasant memories of home.

3. Use Ambi Pur Citrus & Morning Aerosol to eliminate the smell of cooking or pets – it’s a great way of adding scent to a kitchen.

4. Before turning on your lights put a little air freshener onto a cold light bulb. Turn it on and as the bulb warms up it will gently release the fragrance into the room

5. Keep mildew at bay by drying shower walls with a towel and keeping the cubicle door open to let the air circulate

6. Pleasant smells can help your home feel friendly and welcoming. Try using air freshener such as Ambi Pur Lavender & Comfort or Flowers & Spring in your hallway so that guests feel invited in from the moment you open the door

7. Wipe Your Pet’s Feet. If you aren’t into keeping a towel by the door to wipe off paws, try a plush mat or rug outside your door to help catch falling debris before it ends up around the house.


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